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Nisca PR5300

The Nisca PR5300 ID card printer is a full color, edge-to-edge, fast and very reliable ID card printer with two sided card printing as standard.

This printer has a dual sided flip module as a standard which can receive both sides of the card at once. The innovative design allow for a 2 frame memory to receive both sides of a card at once to improve print speed of dual sided cards.

The PR5300 has very precise color control with a unique temperature feedback technology that allows the printhead surface at exactly the right temperature. This advanced technology allows for very high quality printing.

The ribbons can be easily replaceable in the printer with the easy cartridge system. The ribbons can be placed in the cartridge outside the printer. When your ribbon is used up in the printer you can simply swap the printer cartridge with your pre-loaded cartridge and you are up and running again in seconds.

The printer has "quick change" printer head system that allows for a pre-calibrated print head to be swapped out by a non-technical operator in minutes. This "quick change" system is vastly superior to many other printers that required a trained technician to visit your site to replace the printer head.

The PR5300 can be ordered with the high performance SCSI interface that will allow you to gang together multiple printers on a single SCSI network. This allows for a sophisticated and high speed printing system with multi printers driven off a single computer. A print job can be sent to multi printers at one time to allow for parallel high speed printing. The SCSI interface allows for extremely fast card image transfer (3 to 10 times faster than a conventional parallel interface).


  • Dye-Sublimation/Resin Thermal Transfer
  • Resolution is 300 dpi
  • Colors up to 16.7 million
  • Print Speed is approximately 35 seconds for a single sided card.
  • Card thickness accepted is .030 inches (+/- 10 %)
  • Card capacity 100 PVC cards (.030 inches thick)
  • Two internal flip turn modules are standard
  • Holographic overlay for high security (optional)
  • Thicker overlaminate (.001 inches) for durable protection (optional)
  • Interface: Parallel or SCSI
  • Weight is 28.73 lbs. / 13 Kg
  • Options include: Magnetic encoding


All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice

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