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Fargo HDP820

The FARGO HDP710 (single-sided) and HDP720 (dual-sided) Card Printers utilize FARGO's cutting-edge HDP, High Definition Printing technology. Unlike direct-to-card printing, this revolutionary process prints images onto a special HDP film which is then fused into the surface of a card through heat and pressure. This innovative process offers you a wealth of advantages over traditional direct-to-card printers.

Print quality that goes over-the-edge.

The print quality of FARGO's HDP Printers is, quite simply, as good as it gets. Thanks to their unique printing process, the HDP710 and HDP720 produce cards with such exceptional clarity, color depth and vibrancy, you truly have to see it to believe it. The quality is so good, in fact, images have an almost 3- dimensional appearance. Plus, printing can actually go over-the-edge of a card, giving you professional-quality cards with absolutely no white borders. So if you want your cards to look their very best, look no further than FARGO's HDP Printers.

Four times the durability.

Remarkable print quality is just one of the many benefits you get with FARGO's HDP technology. Because the graphics and text are printed on the underside of the HDP film, the image is essentially sandwiched between the highly durable film and the card. This results in cards that are virtually tamper-proof and over four times more resistant to abrasion than standard non-laminated plastic cards. Plus, HDP cards eliminate color-migration to plastic ID holders and are highly resistant to fading and chemical exposure. This outstanding level of durability is an absolute must if your cards will be swiped through card readers or subjected to other harsh conditions.

Pick a card. Any card.

HDP technology shatters the boundaries of direct-to-card printers by allowing you to print and encode the widest variety of card types and sizes. The HDP710 and HDP720 offer exceptional image reproduction on virtually any type of card, including proximity cards, smart cards and even cards with a matte or rough finish. These printers can also print over-the-edge on oversize cards and cards with a thickness of nearly three times that of a standard card. FARGO's HDP Printers are flexible enough to meet all the needs of your organization now and in the future.

Speed that goes to the head of its class.

You might expect printers that offer such high print quality and flexibility to compromise on speed. Not so. HDP Printers provide the latest in computer interfacing technology for maximum processing and print speeds. Each can be ordered with either a high-speed parallel or USB interface for full compatibility with Windows 95, 98, NT or Macintosh platforms. Plus, printers can be networked for high-volume production with multiple printing stations. Reliable and easy to use. The HDP710 and HDP720 are designed for user-friendly, worry-free operation. Each provides simple drop-in ribbon loading along with large card hoppers that close tightly to protect cards and open widely for convenient card loading. Plus, FARGO's exclusive Softkey Control Pad and a large LCD display tell you what buttons to press, when to load supplies and even offer you on-line help. With so many capabilities, the FARGO HDP710 and HDP720 are more than the most advanced card printers, they are a new definition of quality and performance.



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